Outdoor Theater Plans and Barrier

There are currently little to no regulations for how small arts institutions should handle reopening. More prominent museums and theaters were given guidelines and support for safety, but many FAB organizations needed community assistance to find safe and effective ways to reopen.

The Henning Larsen group proposed plans that follow DOT regulations for restaurants and open streets. Based on the NYC Open Restaurant guidelines and social distancing guidelines, the individual and group audience members must be seated within a minimum distance of 6′ of each other. There are a variety of seating layouts possible depending on the space provided.

Layout 1

This is the  most straight forward configuration, creating space for the audience in the sidewalk and road extension. The stage would be hosted inside the gallery space. 

Layout 2

This configuration proposes to bring the clear 8′ right of way around the seating space, utilizing the road extension. The stage would be hosted inside the gallery space. 

Layout 3

This configuration proposes to extend its outdoor programming and sharing it with the next door 

business frontage. The shared business frontage would allow for a complete exterior theater.

Layout 4

Using the extension of the business frontage as a space for actors to practice safely in the outdoors. This configuration does not require space for audience. *recommended to have staff making sure people aren’t stopping to watch.

Theater Barricade

This outdoor barricade will follow the regulations set for the NYC Open Restaurants, they are intended to be permanent barricades in parking spaces along the business frontage. They are inspected thoroughly and must follow the following regulations: 

30″-36″ in height 

18″ width 

Must have retroreflective tape 


Standard plywood sheets

Wood screws

2″ x 4″ (length flexible)


Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Community Partner: Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc)

Coordinating Firm: DLR Group, Francis Cauffman Architects, and Henning Larsen