NYC Plaza Program

Photo: NYC DOT

The NYC Plaza Program partners NYC’s Department of Transportation (DOT) with community groups to operate, maintain, and manage new pedestrian plazas through a “competitive application process.” The DOT Plaza Program includes three plaza types: Permanent Materials Plazas, Interim Materials Plazas, and One-Day Plazas.

Possible Plaza Amenities: Tables and seating (movable and fixed), trees and plants, lighting, information and wayfinding signage, bike racks, and public art. For existing plazas, partner organizations should consult their plaza maintenance agreement with DOT on whether they can make any changes or additions to plaza amenities.

Events in DOT Plazas: Events require a Street Activity Permit, which can be applied for through the Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management‘s (CECM) Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO). Additionally, other organizations may apply to SAPO for a permit to hold an event at the plaza; such events are coordinated with DOT and the partner organization. 

To learn more about CECM, SAPO, and the event permitting process, please contact SAPO by phone at 212-788-7567 or visit their website.