MEP/HVAC Guidelines

These extensive MEP/HVAC guidelines can be applied to different closed environments and work spaces based on need, size, and occupancy. Different health organizations have outlined the importance of quality air circulation for a safe reopening. The Bed-Stuy Restoration team breaks down the tiers of implementation to ensure that there is a supply diffuser and return opening in every room. At Tier 1, they recommend installing a local particulate recirculating device. At Tier 2, they encourage a more robust filtration and humidification systems. At Tier 3, compounds and agents are injected into supply air to encourage the decontamination of occupied facilities without disturbing normal workspaces and for the reduction of cross- and recontamination of affected and non-affected areas.


Community Group: Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation (Restoration)

Neighborhood: Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Coordinating firm: KPF

Supporting firms: AE SuperlabFarzana Gandhi Design StudioJames Corner Field OperationsJB&B