Guidelines and Recommendations for Small Arts Institutions

With limited guidelines from the government on small arts organizations reopening, DLR Group put together recommendations that aid in a safe reactivation of these spaces.

Queuing and Outdoor Areas 

  • To the extent possible, all event ticketing should take place online with timed entry. 
  • Converted on-street parking spaces could serve as outdoor lobby space that can be shared with neighboring institutions. 
  • Signage should guide patrons into and out of the theater space via separate entry and exit routes. 
  • Seating should be completed in zones: those farthest from the entrance should be seated first, those closest should be seated last. Exiting the theater should occur in reverse order. 
  • Ideally, food and beverage orders should take place online. Patrons should either be directed to a designated food and beverage pick-up site or served their refreshments at their seats. 


Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Community Partner: Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc)

Coordinating Firm: DLR Group, Francis Cauffman Architects, and Henning Larsen